Gone Viral? 4 Ways Your Website Needs To Be Ready

Gone Viral? 4 Ways Your Website Needs To Be Ready

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Going viral on social media is a surefire way to get eyes on your brand. However, once you have reached that level of visibility, you must ensure your website is primed and prepped for people to click through. Be it for them to simply be nosey or make the purchase, you need to eliminate any roadblocks that stop your sales from being boosted by this digital marketing phenomenon.

So, how can you make sure that you capitalize on your business going viral on social media and avoid becoming the modern-day version of a one-hit wonder without all the hits?


You need a clear call to action once you have gotten people to click through from your accounts to your website or ecommerce shop. This can be via a pop-up asking for an email address for further discounts, a buy it now button, or a warning of low stock levels so people make the purchase quickly; after all, they don’t want to be left out of the new viral trend! Having a signup function for people to stay tuned for more updates on release dates or new stock levels can be extremely effective in the run-up to a launch.

Don’t be too focused on the media and content to add a clear CTA to your page to grab attention and make the most of the clickthroughs.

Easy Checkout

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have an easy checkout. If your checkout page is not mobile-optimized or has too many hoops to jump through, then people are going to be turned off. Nearly 20% of ecommerce shoppers will abandon carts due to long-winded or complicated checkpoints. Don’t be this website. Integrate an effective woocommerce payments gateway, or make sure you offer as many options for payment as possible for easier checkout.

Use Social Listening

While not all of your social media campaigns will go viral, using this one time to monitor all instances of brand mentions using social listening will give you a better idea of how to retain customers, develop your brand, and improve what you do. Chances are, if people do click through in the initial frenzy and make a purchase, or not as the case may be, they will be discussing things online. And like a nosey neighbor, you need to be listening to what they say, good and bad. 

Social listening allows you to get feedback and find the pain points of your target audience to tailor upcoming campaigns and ads to those who will be more likely to purchase. This can be an invaluable tool for converting social media leads.

Follow Up Emails

You know they have paid attention to your social media content; now, you can seize this opportunity to land in their inboxes, too. Email marketing is still effective, especially for follow-up sales and new product launches. Use signup forms and returning customer offers to help you entice them back to repeat the process without the heavy-hitting social ad campaign or even running alongside a new one. Used in conjunction with your CTA buttons, email is an excellent way of making new acquisitions and repeat customers.

Make sure all of these options are in place and more in anticipation of going viral on social media not as an afterthought when you have lost momentum. You might not get a second bite of the apple, and if the first impressions of your website or product let you down, you will have missed a fantastic opportunity to increase sales. Treat every ad campaign as if it will go viral and ensure everything is in place to handle increased traffic and attention.


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