Simple Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry

Simple Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry

One of the most exciting parts of a bride’s journey to becoming a wife is being able to plan her wedding. A part of that is in planning the dress and the accessories that go with the dress, and one of those accessories is the wedding jewelry. When it comes to style on the biggest day of your life, you should choose to either play by the rules and go for something small and plain or break them and go for something a little more dazzling.

No matter what you do, this is your wedding day, so whether you are selecting jewelry from Blue Nile’s Diamond Collection or you are going to your local costume place just to get something pretty and blue. You should think about what you are trying to say with your wedding jewelry. If you need a little more guidance when it comes to accessorizing the best dress you’ll ever wear here are our tips for choosing your wedding jewelry.

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  • Don’t go gaudy. The very first thing to consider when you are choosing your wedding jewelry is not to go overboard. It’s very tempting to put something shiny on every surface: wrists, fingers, neck, but you don’t want to risk allowing your accessories to really outshine you. You have to consider that less is more will be the best mantra that you stick with for the day and don’t accessorize every part of your body.
  • Think about the dress when you choose the metals. Some brides struggle between choosing silver or gold jewelry for their wedding day, but you should allow your gown to make that choice for you. For example, if you are wearing a white wedding gown, then white will actually be the best colour you can choose for your metal, so you have to go with platinum or silver. If you are going for a champagne or ivory gown then gold jewelry will complement it and really warm up your outfit.
  • Think about the neckline. The neckline of your dress is really going to play a huge role in which kind of jewelry that you choose because the decolletage will frame your face. If your dress is a sweetheart or a strapless neckline, you want to create height and make sure that all eyes are off your chest and onto your smile. Therefore, don’t wear a long droplet necklace, but go with a choker. You could also choose to skip the necklace entirely and just make sure that your earrings are a perfect statement of your day.
  • Be yourself. The perfect wedding jewelry that you could pick is the one that makes you you. For example, if you are well known for silver jewelry, don’t deviate. Now if you are well known for wearing sapphires over emeralds, then make sure that you include sapphires somewhere in your jewelry because that can be your something blue. If you’re not a fan of the droplet heavy chandelier earrings, then go with your beautiful studs. Either way, you’re going to look beautiful and the happiest day of your life. 

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