Unlock Value In Your Home With These Trendy Changes

Unlock Value In Your Home With These Trendy Changes

Unlocking value in your home isn’t as challenging as you might think. While it requires a little effort, it can pay you back in dividends for years to come. 

But what changes should you be making? Let’s take a look. 

Choose A Bolder Wallpaper

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Sticking with regular white paint can work for some people. But if you want your home to feel like a million dollars, you can’t keep decorating it the way your landlord did when you rented when you were younger. 

One option is to pick a bold wallpaper and put it on at least one wall. Including statements like these immediately makes your home feel more opulent and gives you a chance to experiment with more attractive designs. Prisons are white. Homes shouldn’t be!

Add Pops Of Color

Related to this, you can also try adding pops of color to your home’s interiors. Adding accents here and there can give your property a more vibrant hue for massive impact. 

How you add pops of color is very much up to you. You could include them on the ceiling, mantelpiece, or flooring. You could also highlight them in your accessories. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy, especially if the rest of your rooms are a little dull. 

Add Various Textures

You can also try adding various textures to your interiors to elevate them a little. Combining smooth paint with fabrics and even plants can give rooms more of a sense of depth. 

The more textures you add, the more welcoming your interiors will feel. Throws, pillows, cushions, and furniture helps make rooms feel less clinical and commercial, and more like somewhere you’d choose to spend your time. 

Install Skylights

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Another way to unlock tremendous value in your home is to install skylights. These handy additions dramatically increase the amount of sunlight entering your rooms over standard windows.

The best places to put them are in the attic and kitchen extensions. However, you may be able to shoehorn them into other rooms, depending on the roof space. 

Installing skylights is a faff, and you will have to hire professionals to do it. But once you have them, you wonder how you ever managed to live without them. 

Furthermore, they can directly increase your home’s value. People want properties with skylights in them instead of conventional windows. 

Lay A Hardwood Floor

Laying hardwood floors is another tactic to unlock more value from your home. Not only are they attractive, but they also provide additional financial benefits you don’t get with other floor types. 

The main perk is simply how long hardwood flooring lasts. You can keep it down for years as long as you look after it properly. Many floors will survive for decades before requiring replacement. And some seem to persist indefinitely, meaning you can cancel all your floor replacement costs in the future. 

Add Vignettes

Another cool thing to do is add vignettes that tell a story. These additions might not increase your property’s sale price, but they will provide you with value.

For instance, you might try grouping bells and candles together on a sideboard or vases on a console table. You could also have a corner where you display all your souvenirs from your favorite travel destination. 

Include Natural Elements

Being around nature is relaxing for most people. Yet, many of us are in the bad habit of including very little of it in our homes. 

Fortunately, when it comes to adding natural elements, you have a lot of options. For something quick and easy, try adding houseplants to your spaces. These add depth while also providing comfort. 

You can also try adding a lush fiddle leaf fig in the corner. They thrive in low-light conditions and complement most traditional and neutral interiors. Other options include things like: 

  • Woven baskets in the corner
  • All-wood coffee tables with drawers underneath 
  • Potpourri

Wrapping Up

When it comes to unlocking the hidden value in your home, always consider how well everything coheres. Unless you’re going for a full-blown renovation, you want upgrades that complement your color palette and style to avoid annoying clashes. 

However, at the same time, you don’t want to be afraid to experiment a little. Playing around with room arrangements can help you get one that eventually suits your tastes. 

Finally, as we discussed in the hardwood flooring section, don’t be afraid to invest in quality items. You want timeless classics (both in terms of fittings and furniture) that last for many years to come and don’t require expensive replacement.


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