How Much Money Do Blogs Make From Online Ads?

How Much Money Do Blogs Make From Online Ads?

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Your first instinct when starting a blog is to think about how you can monetize it. What can you do to make money from this little side hustle? A quick Google search will reveal a host of ideas, though online ads are presented as the traditional approach. 

We’ve all been on blogs or websites and scrolled through the pages, noticing little adverts here and there. Bloggers set these ads up through platforms like Google AdSense which gives advertisers a way of bidding for adverts to place on various websites. It’s a far more complicated process than that, but bloggers don’t really have to worry about how ad bidding works or what algorithms dictate the ads on their site. 

All that matters is that you create a Google AdSense account and can immediately start making money from your website. It sounds like the perfect dream; ad revenue comes in every month and your blog quickly starts growing. 

But how much can you make from online ads alone? It’s made out to be a great revenue source, but is it? We’ve done the research to help you see how much you could make from online advertising on your blog – along with advice on how to increase this income stream or find better ways to make money. 

The Average Blogger Earnings From Online Ads

We’ll level with you; online advertising is one of the worst ways to monetize your blog while also having the highest ceiling. 

That’s a confusing statement, though it will soon make sense. 

Nobody can put a concrete figure on how much you’ll get paid for ads on your site. Some say it’s as little as $0.2 per 1,000 page views while others think the average is closer to $5. It’s genuinely impossible to say for certain how much you might earn as it depends on a series of factors: 

  • The location of your blog
  • Your blog’s genre
  • Where your visitors come from
  • How much time a user spends on your site
  • The device users access your blog from

If you’ve got a blog and can see the metrics for your site, we suggest using this AdSense Calculator to get a rough estimate of how much you’ll make per year. For example, a North American blog about Beauty & Fitness with around 50,000 monthly page views could earn $7,806 per year. A blog with the same target audience location but on Autos & Vehicles will only get $5,520 per year for 50,000 monthly page views. 

That’s just one small example of how ad revenue can alter based on blogging categories. Before you think about switching up your blog and writing about something that pays better, consider other ideas to make the most out of advertising revenue. 

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How To Make More Money From AdSense

We mentioned that online ads have the most potential for big earnings, and that’s because there are instances of blogs generating hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in ad revenue alone. 

Realistically, you’re unlikely to reach that point overnight, but you can boost your AdSense income by trying a few of these tips: 

Create Great Content That People Want To Read

Your blog is nothing without great content. It should be valuable and encourage users to stick around to read through every last word. The longer a user stays on your site, the more valuable they become to advertisers. Blogs with a high bounce rate will earn more towards the lower scale of ad revenue. 

Users land on the blog and quickly disappear, meaning any ads on that site are virtually worthless. If your site has a low bounce rate and impressive audience engagement metrics, advertisers will pay more to show their ads on your pages. 

Generate More Page Views Per Month

It’s obvious, but getting more people to view your site per month will increase your revenue. Even on a low rate, it’s basic maths that more views equals more money. Focus on marketing your blog to get it seen by your niche audience. Get on social media and grow a following there, directing loads of traffic to your website. SEO is obviously essential; if you can generate organic search traffic then you’ll see many page views per month. 

As your site grows, so will your earnings per 1000 views. Blogs with loads of monthly visitors are deemed “high-quality” sites, so they’re more attractive to advertisers. Google ups the rate for ads, meaning you earn more. 

Redesign Your Blog With AdSense In Mind

Advertising placement has a big influence on ad revenue. If adverts can be placed in prime locations around your blog, advertisers will pay more money. Why? Because they know their ads have a higher chance of being viewed or clicked. 

The potential for gains is higher for the advertiser, hence the better price per 1000 views. We recommend using an AdSense heatmap to see where adverts should be placed. Then, redesign your blog theme with this in mind, creating more places for prime advertising space. 

Other Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Advertising should never be the only way you look to monetize a blog. It works best in the background as a backup source of income trickling away while you focus on more active ways of making money. 

Three ideas spring to mind that all bloggers should try: 

Paid Content

This refers to content that brands or others pay you to make. It mainly includes sponsored posts where you’re paid to write about a specific topic, product, brand, or service. A blogger with plenty of sponsors can generate a lot of money. Brands pay big for posts like this – you could get $100 for a small post just starting out. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the idea of using your influence to sell things to your audience. You must find influencer marketing programs that pair you with potential brands. Contact the brand and they could send you products for free or set up sponsored posts. Write about their stuff and you get paid – it’s as simple as that. The benefit of this over standard paid posts is that you often receive things in return. For instance, you might run a technology blog and get sent a new monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc. 

Affiliate Marketing

Lastly, you have the best way to make money from blogging; affiliate marketing. It’s like influencer marketing, only you use affiliate programs to get a unique code. Write content and include your code as a link to products. When your readers click the link and buy something from the site, you make money. 

To summarize; ad revenue will account for a small portion of your overall blog earnings. You can make a good amount if you optimize your site, but you’re encouraged to pursue other money-making means too!


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