Planning a Wedding? Don’t Fall Foul of These Mindset Mistakes

Planning a Wedding? Don’t Fall Foul of These Mindset Mistakes

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Planning the biggest day of your life is not just about the logistics, but it’s also about the mindset. It’s not something we tend to consider because ultimately it should all come from a place of well-meaning, but when planning a wedding, it’s crucial to avoid certain mistakes in our mindset that can result in unnecessary stress and realistic expectations and overspending. Here are some of the biggest mindset mistakes to be aware of:


Weddings can be expensive, and when you start to buy bridal needs, jewelries, and dresses it is very easy to let your enthusiasm run away. But you don’t need to go into debt or drain your savings, and instead set a realistic budget from the start and stick to it. That’s not to say you should pivot for every single decision based on cost, but prioritize the things that matter most to you and then be willing to compromise on the rest.

Sweating the Small Stuff

It’s a very common trail of thought because we want it to be perfect. Not everything is going to be as you planned it and that is absolutely okay. It’s very easy to get caught up in the minor details to the point that we lose sight of the bigger picture. It’s all about celebrating your love with the people you love and they’re following to let go of the things you cannot control will make all of the difference.

Comparing Yourself to Others

Every couple is unique with different styles, priorities, and budgets. If you constantly compare yourself to a friend or that bridesmaid who is constantly talking about when they did it, this is going to result in unrealistic expectations and more than a fair share of discontentment. Learn to stay true to yourself and what actually means the most to you as a couple. You are you, not them.

Losing Sight of the Purpose

A wedding is ultimately about celebrating the union of two people who are madly in love and it’s easy to get caught up in the little details and lose sight of the deeper meaning behind the event. The true purpose is about declaring your commitment to one another and throughout your wedding planning journey it’s important to remind yourselves of this regularly.

Trying to Please Everyone

This is one of the things that can easily derail our mindset. Trying to make every single guest happy with every decision is impossible and trying to accommodate everybody’s particular preferences and opinions can become overwhelming and take away from your vision of the big date. You should focus on creating a celebration that reflects you and your partner, not anybody else. Ultimately, the things that will keep people happy on the big day are food and therefore as long as you cater for certain dietary requirements they can take care of the rest by themselves.

When you are planning the ceremony, food, and everything,  it’s vital to be aware of these common pitfalls in our mindset so you can approach your wedding with a far more positive and grounded perspective and enjoy the journey towards your special day.


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