A Casual Summer Encounter

A Casual Summer Encounter

Hi There! We all need those summer outfits for those casual summer days. Grabbing a smoothie in the morning before running a few errands and having lunch with friends- type of casual day.







I had so much fun shooting this look over in La Grange, CA. It’s actually the area that gold was found during the Gold Rush in California. There were so many historical signs and in the area including that train pictured above which was used for transportation of gold and supplies during the gold rush.

Anyways back to the fashion, this look is perfect for any casual summer day. The maxi skirt from FashionNova is made from lightweight material and is very flowy so it looks great in the wind. The slit also adds some sexiness to the look. This skirt actually comes with a matching floral crop top, but I opted out of it because it was a little too floral for me. I like to wear my floral crop top with jeans, shorts, or other non-printed items instead.

I paired it with a comfy white crop top from Windsor (padding inside-yey to no bra) and some summery sandals with a straw fedora hat. Shop the look below!


Skirt: The exact skirt is no longer available, but equally cute or cuter ones can be found here and here

Croptop: Plain white crop tops found here and here

Sandals: Michael Kors Sandal

Hat: Target Straw Fedora





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