All in the Deets…Wedding Lounge Furniture

All in the Deets…Wedding Lounge Furniture

Florist and Furniture

Happy Wedding Wednesday my loves! Hope everyone’s week is going beautifully! It’s finally getting warm here in the Bay Area so that’s definitely making everyone here a little bit chirpier! Anyways, I’m really excited to share my wedding floral and furniture because it was one of the funest (why is that not a real word??) parts of planning my wedding!

If you haven’t checked out (Wedding Blog Part 1 and How To Choose Your Wedding Theme….) then check them out first! It’ll give you a better idea on how I came to select this kind of furniture!

First Things First…Theme

The theme for my wedding was Enchanted Forest and ask any of my bridesmaids they’ll tell you that I “wanted all of us to look like goddesses lost in an enchanted forest…” every time wedding details came up. Our wedding venue is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains which is known for their beautiful redwoods and our venue was completely surrounded by redwood trees, stunning!

Lounge Furniture

For cocktail hour I knew I wanted to add a flare for my guests to enjoy the setting, and came of the idea of creating ‘lounge areas’ for cocktail hour. I searched through Pinterest for weeks upon weeks upon weeks to see the kind of set up I wanted to create. I mean there are SO many great ideas out there! In the end I wanted to go with a look that matched my theme so having bright red modern contempo furniture was going to throw off the entire vibe of the wedding. Instead I chose to use vintage-type couches and tables because it matched the setting, vibes, and bridal party look.



It was such a beautiful setting for photos and my guest loved having the option to sit on couches and lounge chairs. The best part was I requested for additional helpers from the venue, in advance, to move the lounge furniture into the barn area so we could reuse the sofas, chairs, lamps, etc. I mean if you’re being charged for 8 hours of rental then well I’m gonna try and use it for as close to 8 hours as possible!


Reception Tables and Setting

As for dinner, I knew I wanted to have a mix of table styles and chair settings. I knew for sure I wanted to add farm tables as a table option. I love the size and look of farm tables and thought it would look absolutely breathtaking at Nestldown. I was so right! I also knew that instead of sitting in traditional chairs, I wanted to incorporate benches as a seating option for the farm tables.


Don’t be scared to mix and play with your table styles. I used circle tables of various sizes, (48″, 36″, and 60″), square tables, and farm tables to seat my guests. I arranged the tables in way so it didn’t look scattered and random. Rather, the dinner setting looked creative, organized, and had the rustic vibes I was hoping to achieve!



Don’t Forget About the Details…

Of course it’s all in the details! I made a list and had a map of EACH table at the wedding. That means entryway table(s), cocktail hour, dinner, bar area, and anywhere else a table was planned to be. Basically, if there was a table, I wanted to make sure that it was decorated properly. This is where your florist comes into play! Let me first say, the floral company I went with, is not a floral company at all they are more like a design company. However, they were listed under the florist section on my vendor list provided to me by the vendor, so I guess they do a little of both. I mean look how beautiful their flower box arrangement is! I still am in awweeee. They also threw in hints of amethyst and antlers to add to my “enchanted forest” theme!

They not only provided flowers but their decoration choices were endless. I went to their warehouse where they store majority of their pieces and they have everything form Roman Angels, columns, lamps and lanterns, Game of Throne-esque chairs and tables. I mean any type of theme you were looking to recreate, you could most likely find it here! They were so insightful and creative and once I told them the feel and look I was going for, their designer created several centerpiece choices for me.



 Communication is key…

…and an open mind is key! Trust your vendors and trust that they know what they are doing! It may be your first wedding but it’s definitely not theirs! Keep in mind they know their pieces and the venue probably better than you so be open to ideas that they might have. My designer was the one who came up with adding amethysts and antlers to play on the “enchanted forest” theme! Thank you Asiel!

Always communicate with them absolute NO’s! For example, I hate the color red so I made it very clear no matter how creative they wanted to get red was an absolute NO!(outside of florals). If you hate metallics (God bless your heart) then tell your decorator/florist/etc that metallics are an absolute NO.

This is extremely important with florists because flowers come in such an array of colors! Make sure you communicate these minor yet HUGE details to your vendor!

I hope any brides-to-be the best of luck as you continue to plan your wedding, and thank you to all of my readers! 

<3 Kayla 


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