Top 3 Collabs of 2019

The Barre Code South Bay

Hey there!! Hope you’re all enjoying 2020 so far….I’m sure Im not the only one that is excited for January to finally be done! January’s get longer and longer every year, I swear…anyways, I thought it would be fun to do a round up of my favorite collabs in 2019…I’ve done a post similar to this in the past but think this may be a fun continuous one each year! This year I’m sharing my Top 5 collabs of the year. The further I get into blogging the more picky I get with the collabs, focusing again on quality over quantity!

…hands down my favorite collaboration to date and in 2019 has to be Fabletics! Who doesn’t love themselves a good pair of leggings that are not only stylish for both working out but also for every day tasks and errands…on a typical Sunday you can usually find me in my Fabletics as I run my weekly errands but I bring a set (or two) to every vacation because its stylish enough to wear even for those vacay photos!

They also are great about working with bloggers for a longer period of time rather than a one and done like most brands. Of course I understand that every brand may not have the funds to establish a long term collaboration but for those that can, I recommend it because then as bloggers/influencers/general customers feel more connected to the brand and image…at least for me that is.

the unique yet simplicity of the products at InkWell Press are what add this collab to my Top 5. I’m definitely old school when it comes to how I track and document things for the creative ventures in my life. For example at work, I typically use electronic apps and resources to track and complete tasks…but when it comes to blogging, just typing a task in basic bi*ch Times New Roman font size 12 just isn’t going to do it for me… I like to still scribble and write out my tasks and double stroke them out when I’m 110% complete with that task, signifying the first strike merely means 90% was complete but that is what we call the beauty in the madness…

InkWELL Press Planners

because experiences > free merch any day! Which is why my collaboration with The Barre Code made it onto this list. I was fortunate to join this awesome group of women specifically at the Sunnyvale location! I had never taken any barre classes before so it was also a great way for me to try something new, one of my favorite things about being in this creative world. Through my collaboration I also was able to host my own events at the studio and work with other Bay Area and local companies and shops. We also did a fun photoshoot with the staff and members at The Barre Code! Unfortunately I broke my ankle on July 4th so I had to cut my collab short but the experiences I gained were remarkable…thank you Barre Code!


<3 Happy Collabing <3




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