Wander The Bay – Historic Downtown San Jose

Wander The Bay – Historic Downtown San Jose

Hey There! Hope you’re all staying safe and sane out there! I’ve been trying to find safe and creative ways to still get some fresh air while maintaining the health and safety of myself and others. I was out for a walk in my neighborhood and saw a few historical markers and landmarks and thought to myself that a history walk may be one of the perfect activities to do during this global pandemic!

Here in the Bay Area we’re fortunate to have so much local history right here at home! San Jose for example was a multitude of cities and towns before it became what it is today. You can go downtown and find a mix of Spanish history to post Gold Rush San Jose and even hints of Valley of Hearts Delight.

Download the Historic Walking Map of Downtown San Jose and take a front seat of the City that was founded by the Spanish in 1777 (because we know the Indigenous people have been here for 10,000+ years). Start off at Plaza Park, the location of the infamous Christmas in the Park, and take a nice leisurely stroll capturing all the sites and imagine what it must have looked like just a hundred years ago! If you’re a history buff like myself and want to learn all the backstories to the houses, adobes, parks, and other historic landmarks then I recommend picking up San Jose’s Historic Downtown book from Amazon or similar retailer for a deeper dive.

Looking for just a casual afternoon stroll? Check out the Peralta Adobe which is the oldest standing structure in San Jose still standing today and was the home of the Peralta Family in the 1800’s. Then take two steps in any direction and enjoy lunch or dinner on the new al fresca dining patio.

Al Fresca Dining San Pedro Square

Looking to be more secluded from the crowds? I might even recommend opting for History Park in San Jose instead. The park is typically not crowded and has plenty of walking and picnic space. Each section of the park is dedicated to some part of San Jose’s history. They’ve relocated a lot of the houses and historical landmarks to this park for preservation purposes including the Electric Light Tower or #7 on the walking map!

**The actual ‘Mission of San Jose’ is located in current day Fremont, CA.


<3 Happy Wandering


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