How Lady Boss Blogger Helped Me Reach My Blogging Goals

How Lady Boss Blogger Helped Me Reach My Blogging Goals

Hey World! How has everyone been holding up during these times? It’s been a few weeks now since I posted about working with LadyBossBlogger to help me reach my social media and blogging goals this year.

 I’ve nearly completed the course and ready to share more juicy details of how you too can take your blog to the next level! Last time I was talking about the course details and this time I’m going to break down the $$$$!

From learning about how brands select influencers, FTC guidelines, taxes, and how to appropriately write sponsored posts for branded content! 

Although I’ve been blogging for several years now there was A LOT of information that was new to me! 

SEO stands for something everyone?? LOL jk but honestly there is still a TON of stuff I still did not know which is actually key to gaining more traffic onto your blog and/or website! 

LadyBossBlogger helped me realize the importance of keywords and how to keep readers intrigued which means more clicks! Not only did I gain more exposure on my blog but also on other social media channels like Facebook and Pinterest! 

Best part, a lot of this can be done automatically through some of the tools shared on LadyBossBlogger. 

I’ve always been a bit terrified of SEO and get caught up in a rabbit hole of various websites when I start to do my actual research. Fortunately, LadyBossBlogger has carefully curated a step by step guide in the course!

I can say that now that I have completed the course I have a lot more confidence in both my blog as well as creating content.

It really was a great reminder that although I may have many of the creative skills in blogging such as writing, photography, editing, etc. 

I was still missing something. That something was the insight of other professionals who were able to teach me the logistical and technical side of blogging. 

Meaning I had the left brain part figured out but completely lacking on the right side of the brain!

Thank you to Elaine Rau + LadyBossBlogger for sponsoring this post!

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