Simple Steps To The Perfect Home Deep Clean

Whether you’re moving into a new place, out of an old one, or your property is just in need of some TLC, doing a deep clean every so often is a very good idea. But do you know the best ways to deep clean all the important zones and areas of your home? Check out my simple-to-follow guide to find out. 

Step 1: Deep Cleaning The Kitchen 

When deep cleaning your home it’s a good idea to start with what is often the dirtiest space in the home, the kitchen. Indeed, because most of us use our kitchens to prepare food, cook, and eat there is often considerable dirt, dust, and grime to consider. This problem is only made worse by the grease that is created by cooking which can adhere to items and surfaces trapping dust, and making it very hard to budge. 

With that in mind, your biggest cleaning challenge in the kitchen is to remove that layer of dusty grease that lines the top of your cupboards and begins to clog up any kitchen devices that you leave out on the countertop. Usually, the best way of doing this is to use dish soap diluted in water with a microfibre cloth. This is because dish soap is full of ingredients that are specially designed to break down grease. 

Step 2: Deep Cleaning The Bathroom 

Another area in the home that can be a challenge to deep clean is the bathroom. This is because it’s not only a high-traffic room, with multiple family members using it once or twice at least every day, but there is also the issue of dampness to be dealt with. Indeed, no matter how diligent you are about open windows in your bathrooms, there will always be some dampness left over that can encourage mildew and mold. 

Sadly mildew and mold not only look unpleasant, but they can also pose a significant health risk, especially for those with allergies. To that end when deep cleaning your bathroom you need to make sure you deal with any mold and mildew. 

Often the best way to do this is to use a specially formulated mold and mildew remover spray. Although it’s best to wear a face mask and gloves when completing the job, to protect your health. 

Step 3: Deep Cleaning The Bedrooms 

The next step for a fully deep-cleaned home is to turn your attention to the bedrooms. Indeed, as we spend around ⅓ of our lives in bed, and even more in our bedrooms, making sure they are clean is an incredibly good idea. 

The main issue in most bedrooms that will need to be dealt with is dust and debris, and running the vacuum around for 10 mins is not going to suffice. Instead, you will need to make sure you move the bed and other items of furniture so the dust and debris that gathers under them, and clings to the baseboards can be collected and removed. 

Dust and debris, and even dirt also have a habit of getting ground into the carpet in bedrooms. This can not only discolor lighter carpets, and ruin the aesthetic of your space, but means that your space is never truly clean until it’s dealt with. Happily, there is an easy solution to this issue. It’s finding a local carpet cleaning service that can come and complete the task for you. Indeed, the benefits of using a carpet cleaning service compared with trying to do the job yourself include saving you time and making sure you get the best clean possible as they will have access to all the supplies and special equipment needed for a very thorough job.  

Step 4: Deep Cleaning the Living Areas 

Last of all, for a deep clean of your entire home you will want to deal with the living areas including the sitting room. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you pull out the furniture to vacuum and clean underneath just like when cleaning the bedrooms. Although, there is another challenge to be aware of here – soft furnishings. 

The problem of soft furnishings like sofas, and armchairs is that they get a great deal of use, and so can get pretty dirty. Indeed, many of us eat on them and even allow our pets on them! However, unlike bedding in the bedrooms, most sofas and chairs do not come with removable covers that can be put in the washing machine! Instead, if you want to deep clean such items you will need to vacuum or use a vacuum-like cleaning machine to ensure they stay clean and hygienic. 


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