First Time Skier Advice for Men

First Time Skier Advice for Men

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As a first-time skier and a man, there are a few things you need to understand. This includes knowing your limits and not rushing into buying everything you need. Here are some tips.

Dress Properly, not Fashionably

You don’t need to look like one, Mr Bond, on the slopes. The key is to dress the way you need to and not how you think you should look. Ski slopes are very cold, and your gear needs to keep you warm. Men’s thermal gloves are a great start, and ones with grips will help you out even more. Then there are other accessories, such as your skiing suit, goggles, and, of course, ski boots. Look around and see what other guys are wearing, and just kind of learn to go with it.

Know Your Limit

Trying to do too much too quickly is the greatest way to hurt yourself when skiing. Skiing is a sport that you learn gradually and then work your way up to more challenging slopes when you are at that level. You will only end up hurting yourself and others if you tackle slopes too hard for your skill level. Find courses that offer beginner slopes and even bunny slopes for learning how to ski and use your equipment. It takes, on average, around three days of practice to learn.

First Time Skier Advice Includes Proving Yourself

Competition can be healthy when it is controlled and necessary. Never try to prove yourself under non-competition circumstances, such as skiing on a public slope. This will cause injuries and accidents and can get you banned from a ski resort. If you really feel like you have something to prove, then enter an amateur skiing competition. Artificial ski clubs offer training for entering competitions, and even if you lose, most people just look forward to the ápres ski party.

Don’t Buy Everything Just Yet

Skiing is known as an elitist hobby, which isn’t really true. However, it can get expensive. So before you go buying everything you need for skiing, consider renting some things first. For instance, you can hire a board and boots while you learn because who knows? You may not even like it after your lessons. If you decide to go ahead and buy what you need, buy the best you can afford. Cheaper skiing gear won’t be as safe and nowhere near as warm as you need.

Stand Up Against Harassment

Skiing is a great sport for all ages, gender, and minorities, not just rich white men, as is often seen in movies. Sexual harassment is, unfortunately, widespread in skiing, even from instructors towards female students. But as a man, you have a responsibility as a representative of the sport to educate about sexual harassment, and if you see something, say something. No one, other men included, should have to fear coming to do the sport that they love for any reason.


First time skier advice includes dressing for the part. But when hitting the slopes, be aware of harassment towards women and others. But above all, take it easy and just have some fun.


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